My Music

I called my self as a music freak and yes it’s true. It’s like, I can’t live without music even just for a day. I think I have a weird relationship with music that anyone couldn’t understand LOL. I can listen to any kind of music depends on my mood, pop, RnB, soul, jazz, even post-rock and ambience, oh you named it. But if I have to choose, trance and electronic-pop are two of my favorites! Oh and I listen to indie songs a lot too!

I also like to sing. I can’t tell that I have a good voice but I had a band when I was in college and we played top40 song regularly at some cafes & restaurants in Jakarta. We were quite famous at that time huahaha *kidding*.

Here is my soundcloud account :Β Click here
Go check it out if you have free time, don’t take it too serious okay, that account is just for fun! :p

This one is my last fm account :Β Click here
Maybe we can share our music taste sometimes! πŸ™‚


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